8 months. 8 briefs. 8 big name judges.
Young Glory.

Ceci Nes Pas Une          . — Silver

Judge: Laura Jordan Bambach.


Create a campaign that clearly educates young people about what they can do to support non-binary people, and elicits active support. Read More.


We’ll commission artwork and curate an exhibition from post-modern artists like Cady Nolan, Bill Viola and Jenny Saville, who will create two pieces, each inspired by the statements, “this is not a man” and “this is not a woman”. The exhibition will be carried across the Tate network and transported to galleries across the UK to bring national awareness and to generate dialogue and donations in support of non-binary identifying humans and their networks of support. To take this idea outside the walls of the gallery and into the streets, we'll commission artist JR to create his signature collages throughout the UK. His behemoth-like pieces will encourage the conversation and support the curation of Ceci n'est pas une           .

Data Donor — Bronze

Judge: Matt Clack.
Creative Lead, Google Brand Studio San Fransisco


Create a pitch... that helps viewers understand the power of data and how sharing their medical data could help cure this seemingly incurable disease. Read More.


Cancer research doesn’t have a money problem, it has a data problem.

Start-ups specializing in health informatics are looking to big data to discover a cure to Cancer. Collecting medical data from the sick and the healthy can ultimately identify when and how Cancer becomes Cancer.

We’ll partner with GoFundMe, a social network that traditionally fundraises millions of dollars into Cancer care, and turn their platform around to be a health data donation network instead.

Killer Pary Favours — Finalist

Judge: Ian Grais.


Inform young people of the dangers of Fentanyl, to decrease the amount of overdoses... Choose an approach that will have the greatest chance at earning attention and media. Read More.


Partnering with Rockstar, we’ll create a GTA V downloadable contact mission featuring a traditional “fetch quest” of party drugs and Naloxone kits. Upon completion, players get served a message on the dangers of Fentanyl. See More.

Real Fans VS Reel Fans — Finalist

Judge: David Smith.
Founder, Blood UTD


Reignite the interest of young people in watching live sport. Read More.


The gloves are off. We’re provoking sport-enthusiasts into taking a side - are they going to drop the glove or turtle?

Real fans wear their jersey on game day. Real fans play fantasy leagues. Real fans never miss a game.

Real fans watch live.

Reel fans watch highlights.

Young Glory is the only worldwide creativity competition devoted to awarding creative consistency. It is also your chance to get work in front of a big industry name every month. 8 months. 8 briefs. 8 big name judges. Each month, from September to April, a different industry leader sets and judges his/her own monthly brief. Students and Professionals compete monthly in separate categories to win Gold, Silver, Bronze or Finalist accolades. You can participate in one, several or all months. Teams earn points for every accolade you win over the 8 rounds. At the end of the Young Glory season, the industry's most consistent creative talent will be crowned. These are the concepts that placed, created in partnership with Copywriter Jason Ip.

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