JC Pinheiro — Art Director



I'm a Creative Art Director with a formal background in photography and a creative specialization in technology and data. I'm currently on/off freelancing at McCann-AFG in London. Previously, I was an Art Director at FCB Canada’s digital and data-led creative arm, FCB/SIX working on CIBC, Primus, Nestle, and Drug Free Kids. I was fortunate enough to colaborate with FCB New York’s data science team as well as FCB NERD in leading the development of a new product powered by machine learning tech that I hope will launch later this year. My contributions to FCB/Canada landed me a Man on the Moon Award in February 2017 — now I'm in London looking for a launch pad for Mars.

UK+Whatsapp: 07473752299

Canada: +016478217282

email: jc@reflex-images.com

linkedin: linkedin.com/in/jcpinheiro